Amitabh breaks silence on Me Too movement: No woman should face misbehaviour


Amitabh Bachchan had drawn much fire from fans when he declined to remark on Tanushree Dutta’s charges of inappropriate behavior against Nana Patekar.

The veteran performer at last opened up about the #MeToo development that is seething the nation over and said that ladies shouldn’t be subjected to mischief at the working environment.

In a meeting, led on the eve of his 76th birthday celebration, he was gotten some information about inappropriate behavior at the work put. He replied, “No lady ought to ever be subjected to any sort of trouble making, or tumultuous lead, particularly at her work put. Such acts ought to promptly be conveyed to the notice of concerned experts, and restorative measures be taken, either through documenting grievances or a response to law.

“Control and urban, social and good educational modules, ought to be received at an early instructive level. Ladies, youngsters and the weaker segments of our general public are the most powerless. They should be under extraordinary defensive consideration. It has been most delighting to see ladies portrayals in most work employments, on the expansion in our nation. It would be an un-repairable flaw on the off chance that we are not ready to give them the appreciated they merit and the pride of the security of their quality,” he said.

Soon after Tanushree had talked against Nana, Amitabh, who had acted in the women’s activist film Pink, had been requested to remark on the claims. He had stated, “Na toh mera naam Tanushree Dutta hai aur na hey Nana Patekar.”

Tanushree had hammered Amitabh for evading the inquiry.

She had stated, “I’m harmed, as these are individuals who do motion pictures on social causes. They assume jobs in movies and the gathering of people cheers. However, with regards to standing up and taking care of what is going on before you, there are these equivocal explanations that don’t bode well.”

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