Arjun Kapoor’s dadi knows exactly who he should marry, and she has chosen this actress


On Arjun Kapoor’s birthday this year, his grandmother made it clear that she wants the Bollywood actor to marry as soon as possible. Arjun had also shared his dadi’s demand on social media.

It seems that his dadi has now taken matters in her own hands. The actor, who is looking forward to the release of Namaste England with Parineeti Chopra, has now revealed that his grandmother believes that the actress is perfect for him.

In an interview to Bombay Times, the said, “After watching Namaste England’s trailer, dadi said that out of my all co-stars, I look best onscreen with Parineeti. She thinks Parineeti is the perfect bride for me in real life as well.”

He had earlier revealed how on 33rd birthday, he was ‘issued a warning’, “Dadi has never articulated her feelings so firmly. Before this, it was all said in jest, this time she’s put a tick to it, and since dadi has few expectations from me, I intend to fulfil this demand at the right time with the right person.

Earlier, Arjun was asked about his marriage plans and he had said, “I believe in the institution of marriage. I will share the news with you all when it happens.” But he also said that he wanted his sisters, Anshula, Rhea, Janhvi and Khushi to get married before he thought about tying the knot and hence he feels he has a lot of time. He said, “Besides, there have just been two weddings (Mohit Marwah and Sonam Kapoor) and we should give the family time too, else they’ll get tired attending weddings. Mujhe bas thodi si mohlat de do (just give me some time), please.”

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