Drew McIntyre wants to be next John Cena on WWE Raw


Drew McIntyre says he is ready to be Raw’s top attraction and the John Cena of the current generation.

The Scotsman, who captured the Raw tag team titles for the second time in his career with Dolph Ziggler last week on Raw, has become one of the show’s centrepieces following his NXT call-up in April.

Speaking to AL.com, McIntyre outlaid his ambition moving forward and how he plans to use his admiration of Cena to ultimately move to that level on Monday nights.

He said: “The goal is to become the top person on Raw, the example on Raw, the John Cena, the ultimate workhorse of Raw.

“Just like Cena used to do, he didn’t have a second place. He was always in competition with himself. He is somebody I can draw inspiration from because I am solely in competition with myself.”

With Braun Strowman’s recent affiliation with McIntyre and Ziggler, McIntyre is now in a position where he is sure to be in and around the main-event scene for the foreseeable future.

The former Intercontinental champion sees the newly-formed faction as a force that can dominate Raw and take the show to ‘levels it’s never been before’.

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