Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx buying a $56 million apartment?


Hollywood’s most recent couple, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are making the most of their opportunity as a sentimental couple and are in no rush to make any next stride. A report as of late guaranteed that Katie and Jamie are purportedly moving into a $56 million flat in New York City that has 360-degree perspectives of the city. The reality checking site, Gossip Cop has exposed the case.

According to a report from Woman’s Day Australia, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx as of late looked at a five-room flat in Manhattan. The flat, which is situated on the Upper East Side, has its very own private lift, library, and a monstrous eating porch.

“It’s concealed in a calm corner of Manhattan, and Katie experienced passionate feelings for it the minute she saw it. Katie respects Jamie and says he’s the sweetest, kindest man she has ever known. Living respectively would be the good to beat all!”

Talk Cop exposed the cases and expressed that the Batman Begins motion picture performing artist and the Django Unchained film star are purportedly not wanting to settle down at any point in the near future. It was accounted for in the ongoing months that both Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are experiencing their very own different lives.

“Jamie and Katie’s relationship is certifiably not a mystery however they both get a kick out of the chance to hold it under the radar,” included a dependable Foxx source. “They don’t have anything to stow away yet Jamie, particularly, is relaxed about his life when all is said in done, and once in a while discusses it. He isn’t one to recognize anything about his private life and neither does Katie.”

Evidently, this isn’t the first run through when bits of gossip have surfaced about Katie Holmes’ tentative arrangements with her playmate Jamie Foxx. Back in September, when Jamie was caught up with taping his forthcoming motion picture Mercy in Atlanta, Suri Cruise’s mom visited him. It was theorized that the purpose for the sentimental gathering was on the grounds that the couple is allegedly “moving down south.”

An insider proceeded to express that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx has “took a gander at three wonderful, costly houses in Buckhead,” and will supposedly moving there soon. In any case, the reports were before long exposed by Gossip Cop which expressed the premises behind the story was totally preposterous.

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