Wendy Williams Slams Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin: This Marriage Won’t Last


Justin Bieber, 24, and Hailey Baldwin, 21, are happier than ever after getting engaged in July. However, Wendy Williams, 54, sees right through it! “I think the Baldwins look at Bieber as a cash cow… I think Stephen Baldwin (Hailey’s father) likes to be more relevant again to young people in pop culture and Bieber is a quick way to do that,” she told her studio audience on September 12. “I don’t believe that this is a marriage that will last,” she added.

This isn’t the first time Wendy’s expressed her disdain for the newly engaged couple. Back in July, just three days after JB proposed, Wendy said on her show that Hailey only has Bieber’s attention until his ex, Selena Gomez, 25, comes back around. Luckily, Hailey’s learned to tune out the haters, especially after the engagement news fueled negative criticism. “I don’t think it’s affected me really,” the model said (via Stellar Magazine) of the attention she’s received since the singer proposed. Now, she’s all about living in the moment. “I have learnt to just try my best to ignore the negativity at this time so that I can enjoy this season of my life,” Hailey said. In the same interview, Hailey also added that she is “beyond excited” to marry Bieber.

JB proposed to Hailey while the two were in the Bahamas on July 7. The “No Brainer” crooner popped the question in front of a crowd at Baker’s Bay with a massive, oval-cut diamond ring, “that you could see from Mars,” as Wendy put it. The surprise engagement came after Justin and Hailey, who previously dated in 2015 and 2016, rekindled their romance in June 2018.

While the lovebirds have yet to release any details about their nuptials, someone else has. Hailey already picked out her bridal party, which includes [Hailey’s sister] Alaia [Baldwin] and [cousin] Ireland. Hailey’s aunt, Kim Basinger, 64, revealed that the two family members will be in the couple’s upcoming nuptials during an interview in mid July.

Speaking of the Baldwins, Hailey’s uncle Alec recently offered up some wedding advice to the young couple. “People who get married young, and they are very young, I want them to just spend time with each other,” Alec told etalk. “Obviously, he in particular has this crazy superstar career.”

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